Santidas Yoga |

Peace for Body, Mind and Soul


Olivia Olbrecht

I start­ed yoga in 2011 when I noticed that I was breath­ing from my upper chest and I knew that yoga could help me.
I remem­ber my first class, I felt uncom­fort­able with the spir­i­tu­al­i­ty but it was a slap, I hadn’t real­ized how stiff I was.
My first approach of yoga was there­fore the phys­i­cal part, it gave me the aware­ness of my body. As I was prac­tic­ing, I was enjoy­ing the med­i­ta­tion part in each pos­ture, hav­ing a qui­et mind and a smooth breath.
I couldn’t explain it but I couldn’t stay too long time with­out prac­tic­ing, some­thing was miss­ing with­in me. From that moment I def­i­nite­ly knew that yoga was much more than a phys­i­cal thing.
It became a pas­sion, a way of life and teach­ing is my way to share all these beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ences.