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Peace for Body, Mind and Soul



Wel­come to your space of peace for body, mind and soul locat­ed in the heart of Brus­sels. At San­ti­das Yoga, we teach and prac­tice all aspects of Yoga accord­ing to its sources. By our teach­ings of Yoga, we seek to cre­ate peace and har­mo­ny with our stu­dents, and through that con­tribute togeth­er to glob­al peace. San­ti means peace, Das means Ser­vant.

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Our eight rules

  • Respect your teach­ers and gurusAs they respect you as their stu­dents and dis­ci­ples.
  • Love your SelfBe gen­tle and kind to your-Self
  • In prac­tice you con­nect with your SelfIn the Stu­dio -there is no place for your ego, mobile phones, socks, chew­ing gum, water-bot­tles, or evil thoughts.
  • You are here to recog­nise your own inner peaceKeep oth­er kar­ma out­side. In the Stu­dio, your boots and coats as well.
  • Prac­tice Yoga Asanas for the sake of the body itself You might look and feel bet­ter as a result of prac­tice.  If you prac­tice yoga because of self­ish rea­sons, you have missed the point.
  • Be dis­ci­plined; Prac­tice, prac­tice and prac­tice every­whereAt all times. Give, serve, focus, study, devote your­self, exer­cise, breathe, med­i­tate, reflect, with no expec­ta­tions.
  • Spread your light to oth­ersTran­scend your dark­ness alone.
  • Your high­est goal is your own peace and hap­pi­ness We are here to assist, guide and advise, on your own path.

Our Teachers

  • Santi Das, Dr. Antje Herrberg

    Life has been my Guru. Peace is my goal. Yoga is my path. (more…)

  • Sash Missaghi

    Sash, a native of Iran has been a truth seek­er and Yogi since his ear­ly child­hood. (more…)

  • Ram Das

    As a pro­fes­sion­al musi­cian, Ram­das dis­cov­ered yoga through music with­out even know­ing it, just by being touched by the sooth­ing pres­ence of his then music teacher. Due to reg­u­lar yoga prac­tice, so many changes occurred in his per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al life.
    Day by day, Ram­das dis­cov­ered anoth­er pos­si­ble world: peace­ful, sin­cere, full of life, col­ors and love. He then decid­ed to go deep­er and to take part in the Sam­poor­na Yoga Teacher Train­ing (200h) with Shri Yogi Hari dur­ing the sum­mer of 2013. More involved in his prac­tice than ever, he’s very much look­ing for­ward to share this grow­ing yoga pas­sion with every­one who cross­es his path.

  • Jaya Deva

    Jaya Deva - Jen­ny
    Reg­u­lar prac­tice at San­ti­das stu­dio has brought light and joy to my life. Upon grad­u­a­tion from the San­ti­das Teacher Train­ing Course, I was hon­ored with the yog­ic name Jaya Deva (the lumi­nous seek­er of joy). Ever since, I con­sid­er my call­ing (dhar­ma) to share this mar­velous jour­ney with every­one who wish­es to focus on the joy­ful, play­ful side of life while accept­ing every­thing else with ease and grace.

    In my class, I will ini­ti­ate you into the three keys of yoga: breath­ing, con­cen­tra­tion, aware­ness. These are the essen­tial ele­ments for being resilient like a tree, flex­i­ble like bam­boo, ready to face all chal­lenges ahead like a con­fi­dent war­rior. EN-JOY!

  • Maëlle Audric

    Pro­fes­sion­al aer­i­al dancer, I dis­cov­ered Air Yoga in 2009 with Amy Ell
    (USA) and it was a rev­e­la­tion! I had found a way to com­bine two of my pas­sions: the
    Aer­i­al Fab­ric and Yoga. Find­ing no train­ing in Europe at the time, I pur­sued my
    two prac­tices in par­al­lel. In 2015, I moved to Brus­sels and where I start­ed
    to teach the Air Fab­ric full time and to pro­duce myself as an artist. I’ve also diver­si­fied
    my yoga prac­tice by tak­ing cours­es in, incor­po­rat­ing in addi­tion to Hatha, Vinyasa and
    Kun­dali­ni Yoga.

    Aer­i­al Yoga is inspired by the tra­di­tion­al prac­tice of Yoga and incor­po­rates new
    pos­tures of its own while respect­ing the fun­da­men­tals & spir­it of Yoga. The pos­tures and there
    are real­ized in a search of the least effort, pay­ing atten­tion
    pecu­liar to the breath and absorb­ing it in lis­ten­ing to his body. The absence of grav­i­ty allows
    relieve the joints and cre­ate space in the body. The prac­tice of Air Yoga is the
    stim­u­lat­ing, sooth­ing, lib­er­at­ing, and above all fun!

  • Maya Devi Georg

    Maya Devi Georg (ERYT-500, RPYT, RCYT) is full blood yoga teacher and writer. Prac­tic­ing since 1999 and teach­ing since 2002, she was lucky to have stud­ied exten­sive­ly with Swa­mi Bua, Swa­mi Jnanand, and Dhar­ma Mit­tra, as well as hav­ing been ini­ti­at­ed into many prac­tices by Yogi Gup­ta (Swa­mi Kailashanan­da).
    Tak­ing the many lessons she received from her teach­ers she devel­oped her own prac­tice a delib­er­ate form of yoga asana where each move­ment and pos­ture is unpack­aged in a sequen­tial man­ner to help pre­pare stu­dents for the next lev­el of prac­tice, rapid­ly devel­op­ing the body and mind to go beyond pre­con­ceived lim­i­ta­tions. Teach­ing with com­pas­sion and humor, she con­tin­ues to trav­el and share the fruits of her stud­ies with oth­er prac­ti­tion­ers all over Europe and the Unit­ed States.

  • Lucia Vimercati

    Lucia prac­tices yoga since she was a kid and she has been teach­ing in Italy, Ger­many and Brus­sels. She holds a 500 hours Hatha Yoga (Sivanan­da inspired) teacher cer­ti­fi­ca­tion from Yoga Lila in Italy and is a cer­ti­fied Hor­mone Yoga Ther­a­py teacher with Dinah Rodrigues and Restora­tive Yoga Teacher with Ade­lene Cheong (Assis­tant to Judith Han­son Lasater).

    Lucia’s inter­est in Yoga brought her to explore and prac­tice dif­fer­ent styles and her belief that health comes from a holis­tic approach, brought her to get fur­ther train­ings as mac­ro­bi­otics cook and food ther­a­pist at La Sana Gola in Milan and Ayurve­da cook with Leela Mata at Yoga Vidya in Ger­many.

    She is also a fond spir­i­tu­al researcher and you will find spir­i­tu­al ele­ments in her class­es like for exam­ple mantra chant­i­ng and short med­i­ta­tions.

  • Cloudy Yang

    Cloudy fell in love with aer­i­al ham­mock imme­di­ate­ly when she tried her first aer­i­al yoga class at San­ti­das Yoga in Brus­sels. Since then, she start­ed to take aer­i­al class­es every­where when­ev­er she trav­els: Paris, Lon­don, Gene­va, Stock­holm, Taipei, Mal­lor­ca and New York. She start­ed her fly­ing jour­ney and found her free soul in the aer­i­al world as a cloud, as she’s named “like a cloud” when she’s born.

    She loves danc­ing despite hav­ing and has been cho­sen to rep­re­sent her coun­try-Tai­wan for diplo­mat­ic mis­sions at her young age. She’s been trained doing pro­fes­sion­al per­for­mance in Japan, Korea, Thai­land, New Zealand, Aus­tralia and South Africa. Because of her pas­sion of dance and aer­i­al, she rel­ish­es teach­ing a wide vari­ety of peo­ple with dif­fer­ent strengths and abil­i­ties. She shapes her class around aer­i­al com­fort and fun, with safe­ty pri­or­i­ty.

    Cloudy is a grad­u­ate of 50-Hour Aer­i­al Yoga Teacher Train­ing at the Om Fac­to­ry New York and 25-Hour Fly Yoga Teacher Train­ing in Fly Yoga Paris and is ready to sat­u­rate her aer­i­al class­es with fun.

  • Olivia Olbrecht

    I start­ed yoga in 2011 when I noticed that I was breath­ing from my upper chest and I knew that yoga could help me.
    I remem­ber my first class, I felt uncom­fort­able with the spir­i­tu­al­i­ty but it was a slap, I hadn’t real­ized how stiff I was.
    My first approach of yoga was there­fore the phys­i­cal part, it gave me the aware­ness of my body. As I was prac­tic­ing, I was enjoy­ing the med­i­ta­tion part in each pos­ture, hav­ing a qui­et mind and a smooth breath.
    I couldn’t explain it but I couldn’t stay too long time with­out prac­tic­ing, some­thing was miss­ing with­in me. From that moment I def­i­nite­ly knew that yoga was much more than a phys­i­cal thing.
    It became a pas­sion, a way of life and teach­ing is my way to share all these beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ences.

  • Natasha Gitona

    Natasha’s first life jour­ney start­ed in Athens, Greece and life brought her to the US for her Uni­ver­si­ty stud­ies and then to Brus­sels, a quar­ter of cen­tu­ry ago !Her sec­ond life jour­ney start­ed in the San­ti­das Yoga Stu­dio, 3 years ago when she start­ed prac­tis­ing yoga with Sash and San­ti­das, dur­ing a chal­leng­ing time in her life.
    What start­ed as a sim­ple inquiry turned into a life pas­sion and life­long jour­ney of self-dis­cov­ery and path to inner peace.Natasha com­plet­ed the San­ti­das 250 hours Teacher Train­ing Course in May 2018 and is look­ing for­ward to build­ing her prac­tice and fur­ther­ing her stud­ies and teach­ing of yoga in the years to come.

  • Audrey Ahamta Depas

    Mon nom yogique est Aham­ta (sig­nifi­ant « Je suis »). Neu­ropsy­cho­logue de pro­fes­sion et pas­sion­née par le domaine de « la con­science », j’ai abor­dé le yoga à titre pro­fes­sion­nel et per­son­nel. En pra­ti­quant la neu­ropsy­cholo­gie clin­ique, j’ai réal­isé que les fonc­tions cog­ni­tives telles que l’attention et la mémoire, ne pou­vaient être pris­es en charge effi­cace­ment tant que le patient n’est pas « présent », avec toute sa con­science physique et men­tale. La voie du corps nous per­met de retrou­ver un véri­ta­ble ancrage, de se libér­er de l’agitation super­flue, d’entretenir un vrai rap­port au présent et d’évoluer avec authen­tic­ité. (more…)

  • Chiara Pelino

    I dis­cov­ered yoga in 2009 while chang­ing career path and it gave me the con­fi­dence to open up to new pos­si­bil­i­ties. It was fas­ci­nat­ing to observe the appar­ent slow­ness of Yoga which forces one to bring atten­tion to the body in an aware­ness process remind­ing me of psy­chother­a­peu­tic prac­tice.  At one moment, I began to feel the effects of Yoga on the mind and the per­cep­tion that we have of our­selves and the world around us. More recent­ly Yoga, is the prac­tice that allowed me to sur­vive the dai­ly stress at work as the only moment dur­ing the day where I could focus and calm the mind, releas­ing from an exhaust­ing mul­ti­task­ing mind set. The Teacher Train­ing at San­ti­das Yoga allowed me to dis­cov­er a dis­ci­pline which is so vast and rich that it does not cease to sur­prise me. As a teacher, I like to give tips and hints to increase body aware­ness and get clos­er to one Self.


Our Philosophy

Mak­ing Yoga part or essence of your life offers a won­der­ful oppor­tu­ni­ty for self-growth and enables you to recog­nise and remem­ber your inner PEACE regard­less of what is going on around exter­nal­ly.

Every­one is born with and with­in Yoga, so every­body can prac­tice it.

Acquiring skills at Santidas Yoga School, Brussels

In our stu­dio we teach you to per­form asana, and breathe, and con­nect to the spir­it with­in your­self. With full ded­i­ca­tion, patience and con­cen­tra­tion, of you Yoga prac­tice you be able to form a strength­ened and flex­i­ble body, with increased ener­gy lev­els. The increased sup­ply of oxy­gen and blood cir­cu­lat­ing through your body, and your recon­nec­tion of body, mind and soul can heal your pain; give you more pow­er, joy and true self-knowl­edge.

Relax­ation is an essen­tial part of approach. Instead of pro­duc­ing lac­tic acid and cor­ti­sol in your body, which fatigues the body and mind, our method is to cre­ate the effect of increased ener­gy and inner peace after the prac­tice.

Through becom­ing One through the prac­tice of Yoga, we are able to expe­ri­ence inner har­mo­ny. This felt Peace is the light that will guide us in also in our pro­fes­sion­al, per­son­al life.

The phys­i­cal effect of Yoga Asanas (Pos­tures)

All yoga pos­tures with­out any excep­tion have ther­a­peu­tic effects. That is why this ancient dis­ci­pline existe since the first civil­i­sa­tion of human his­to­ry.

Yoga is like a health-guard. It guides you to find your true Health (not illu­so­ry). By reg­u­lar prac­tice the body finds its own orig­i­nal source of ener­gy and it starts to flow in a very nat­ur­al way. Your body will be stronger and full of Prana (life ener­gy). Your metab­o­lism, hor­monal bal­ance, blood cir­cu­la­tion and gen­er­a­tion of cells are opti­mized.

Find inner Peace at Santidas Yoga, Brussels

Your prac­tice must be devo­tion­al, sin­cere­ly, earnest­ly and with­out Ego. If you prac­tice for a self­ish rea­sons, you will miss the tar­get. Yoga is an atti­tude a life phi­los­o­phy which can make our life hap­py, har­mo­nious and peace­ful. It is not a once off solu­tion to make you look pret­ty. You need to prac­tice reg­u­lar­ly and with full ded­i­ca­tion, not only in the stu­dio but every­where.

A few min­utes of prac­tice and you will  feel the change. The more you prac­tice, the more you feel the phys­i­cal, men­tal and spir­i­tu­al improve­ment. It is as if you prac­tice your own, deep, psy­chother­a­py. The for­mer­ly cling­ing dis­ap­point­ments, pain, anger, fear and unsolved con­flicts, are being made con­scious, detached and resolved through a heal­ing process­es that comes through your prac­tice.

Instead of focus­ing on neg­a­tive thoughts, dis­ci­ples of Yoga are being instruct­ed to recon­nect to their own divine being.

This is how we prac­tice Yoga. Based on the ancient scrip­tures and wis­dom and truth from the seek­ers, and what we have and are expe­ri­enc­ing in our search, we offer our guid­ance to those who seek the key to a ful­filled and peace­ful life.