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Parent Children Yoga

Chil­dren are great Yogi­nis or Yogis born. We as a par­ent are respon­si­ble to pre­serve this beau­ty. They are flex­i­ble from all point of view. Before they become an adult, we can help them to keep what they had brought to this life by sim­ple Birth, being there.

This class is designed to remove all mys­ter­ies about yoga and bring par­ent and chil­dren togeth­er in a very close envi­ron­ment where the Union could take place with ease. Usu­al­ly, we as a par­ent, have total­ly anoth­er view upon Yoga and chil­dren. How should I treat the child with yoga, is it right or wrong. In this class, you will have an answer to your all ques­tions, wor­ries, and cares.

Come with your chil­dren and enjoy a moment of One­ness.

If you have any ques­tion, please feel free to con­tact Sash.

If you would like to try one ses­sion you can just buy Mum Child Drop In:

Mum/Child: Moth­er with her child

Fam­i­ly Pass: Max­i­mum 3 or 4 peo­ple of the same fam­i­ly.

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