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If you would like to deep­en your Yoga prac­tice, delve and begin to mas­ter impor­tant aspects of Yoga from a strong phys­i­cal prac­tice, to guid­ing your ener­gy through breath, pro­found under­stand­ing of the roots and phi­los­o­phy of Yoga, if you seek your Self and the world in which you live in, this Yoga Teacher Train­ing is for you. Shar­ing your high­er ele­vat­ed con­scious­ness and strength will not only trans­form your life but also the lifes of oth­ers, and through that to Glob­al Peace. With Sash Mis­saghi and San­ti (Dr. Antje Her­rberg) who ded­i­cate their life to yog­ic prac­tice, and, who as lead train­ers pro­vide you with  50 years of expe­ri­ence in Yoga prac­tice in India and Europe, 30 years of adult teach­ing expe­ri­ence, you will receive the  VISA to your path­way to per­son­al free­dom and real­i­sa­tion.

What is the Santidas Yoga TTC?

San­ti­das Yoga TTC is a spir­i­tu­al­ly ori­ent­ed Teacher Train­ing course in which par­tic­i­pants will immerse them­selves into 260 hours deep­ened study about Yoga. The TTC begins with an immer­sion in Italy, Tus­cany in an Ashram style, and will con­clude so as well. In addi­tion there will be 7 Sun­days and 1 week-end over the year at the San­ti­das Yoga Stu­dio or our Sha­la next to Brus­sels.

By the end of the course, students will:

- Have a deep under­stand­ing about the prac­tice of the eight limbs of Yoga.

- Have an under­stand­ing of the body and its anato­my both on the skele­tal and mus­cu­lar lev­el and under­stand their inter­re­la­tion­ships as well as with the mind and vice ver­sa.

- Under­stand the phi­los­o­phy and applied psy­chol­o­gy of Yoga.

- Have the capac­i­ty to design and teach a basic Yoga class.


“For those who have an intense urge for Spir­it and wis­dom, it sits near them, wait­ing.”

Our curriculum:

260 Hours in Five dif­fer­ent mod­ules

Teaching Training and Practice (105 hours)

- Inten­sive Immer­sion in Grem­poli one week

- Inten­sive Con­clu­sion in Grem­poli one week

- Inter­me­di­ate Pranaya­ma Asana prac­tice: in the Stu­dio and retreat

Teaching Methodology (47 hours)

- Yoga ped­a­gogy: Method, teacher emphathy, pre­sen­ta­tion, voice, cues etc.

- Reflex­ive prac­tice: debrief­ing, learn­ing from teach­ing prac­tice,

Anatomy & Physiology (24 hours)

- My body, my Yoga

- Antato­my trains and Merid­i­ans

Yoga Philosophy and Life Style Ethics (42 hours)

- Basis of Yoga Philos­phy, Vedan­ta, Bha­gavad Ghi­ta and Patan­jali, and sig­nif­i­cance to liv­ing today

- Chant­i­ng - and sig­nif­i­cance of Mantras as a heal­er

- Basic San­skrit, Alpha­bet, Names of Asanas,

- Yoga as a way of life: Life style, nutri­tion, prin­ci­ples of Ayurve­da, non-vio­lent com­mu­ca­tion etc;

Practicum (10 hours)

Down­load our Teacher Train­ing Brochure here

What you need: pre-requisites

Stu­dents are expect­ed to:

- have two years of Asana prac­tice pri­or to the reg­is­tra­tion.

- be com­mit­ted to a dai­ly Asana prac­tice.

-  filled out and sub­mit­ted the appli­ca­tion form

- have read one of our rec­om­mend­ed texts.

- have paid their fees and signed up to our con­di­tions and eth­i­cal guide­lines.


Start date (Ses­sion 1)23-28 Sep­tem­ber
Ses­sion 214 Octo­ber
Ses­sion 318 Novem­ber
Ses­sion 49 Decem­ber
Ses­sion 519-20 Jan­u­ary
Ses­sion 624 Feb­ru­ary
Ses­sion 717 March
Ses­sion 814 April
Ses­sion 920-26 May
Con­clu­sion and examJune 15-16


1900 EURO

includ­ed in the cost are: all teach­ings, teach­ing mate­ri­als, Teach­ers Shirt, 3 Free Stu­dio Asana class­es per week (12 per month), cer­ti­fi­ca­tion. NOT includ­ed: 40$ per day accommodation/food per day in Grem­poli and flight costs.


This Yoga teacher train­ing is cer­ti­fied by  us and the Inter­na­tion­al Yoga Alliance.

You will receive a cer­tifi­cate with Yoga Alliance Seal after suc­cess­ful con­clu­sion of the course, includ­ing a pass of the final exam.

Apply now

To apply, click the but­ton below to down­load the appli­ca­tion form, fill it in, and send it to us via email at info@​santidas.​com with the sub­ject “TTC Appli­ca­tion”.



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