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Bring Peace into your office with Santidas Office Yoga

San­ti­das Office Yoga, are the series of pos­tures designed for the office peo­ple and could prac­tice eas­i­ly in the office envi­ron­ment. Why Yoga in the office? Very often dur­ing office time, the body is total­ly neglect­ed or almost aban­doned by the mind (Atten­tion) due to the tasks and goals that the mind would like to achieve. The body is under the pres­sure (Stress) and the mind is con­cen­trat­ed on the goals.  There is a total divi­sion between body and mind. Exact­ly, as if you are in the car dri­ving home to get rest. So much con­cen­trat­ed on the goal (Home) that you for­get if there is fuel, oil in the car; then to reach home will be risky. San­ti­das Office Yoga is a great series of pos­tures to remind you that you are tak­ing care of the body. Because if we don’t take care of it, soon­er or lat­er doc­tors are going to take care of it; means it is already a bit late. We can come and orga­nize yoga ses­sions in your office in Eng­lish or French to have healthy employ­ees and cre­ate a peace­ful and dynam­ic envi­ron­ment. Just give a call and get an offer for your Office Yoga ses­sions.


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