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There are three things that allow or reach the high­est state of YOGA. To unite the body and the mind, to allow vibra­tions access our sens­es to take us to a dif­fer­ent lev­el of con­ciouss­ness; and final­ly to let go of all of that we do not need and release our­selves in our true Self­es. Bel­gian harpist Vanes­sa Gerkens and San­ti (Antje Her­rberg) offer four Yoga work­shops enti­tled ” tran­si­tion­ing between sea­sons” . We prac­tice Yin Yoga, and let your­selves car­ry away from one sea­son to anoth­er one. This one car­ries us from Win­ter to Spring, from the Ele­ment of Wood to Water. Let your Self be sur­prised by the secret of this heal­ing prac­tice. A fest for the body and the mind.

Vanes­sa Gerkens is a well know harp play­er, a lover of mys­ti­cism and sto­ry telling. San­ti a lover of harp music, has been fol­low­ing and meet­ing her and her music prac­tice reg­u­lar­ly over the years. Harp is an instru­ment with beau­ti­ful heal­ing vibra­tions, known as an instru­ment that brings calms and peace for cen­turies. With the inspi­ra­tion of Yog­cel­lo a prac­tice of Yin Yoga and the Cel­lo and inspired by Yogi Harpists, and with the inspi­ra­tion of her teacher Biff Mit­thoe­fer , San­tis inten­tion is to pro­vide a body medi­a­tion for tran­si­tion­ing between dif­fer­ent lev­els of con­scious­ness, for lib­er­a­tion and hap­pi­ness. Lim­it­ed to 18 places, book­ing online or by bank trans­fer.

Price: Ear­ly bird 30€

After 15th Feb. 38€.


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