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Sun salutation video

In order to help you to keep your tem­ple (body) always shiny, we rec­om­mend you to prac­tice a sun salu­ta­tion every­day for 10 min­utes,  to keep the body sup­ple and dynam­ic, along­side your favourite Asanas.

Click on this link to access the video: Sun Salu­ta­tion Video

Make your yoga prac­tice a ded­i­ca­tion. Each sun salu­ta­tion you ded­i­cate to each one of the first five chakras.  Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each Yoga prac­tice should include Breath­ing, Chant­i­ng, and Relax­ation at the end. In many of our class­es, we chant this mantra

Asato Ma Sadga­maya -

Tama­so Ma Jyotir Gamaya -

Mri­ty­or­ma Amri­tam Gamaya.

Om Shan­ti Shan­ti Shan­ti

Oh Con­scious­ness, lead me from Unre­al to real, from dark to light, from death to immor­tal­i­ty. Peace, peace, peace..


More News

  1. Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India 28.10-11.11.2017

    We will be hold­ing our annu­al heal­ing retreat this fall in two loca­tions in Ker­ala, in the Sivanan­da Ashram and a beau­ti­ful Ayurvedic Retreat Cen­tre on the shores of Ker­ala. You will spend 12 days ful­ly immersed in Yoga prac­tice, in all dimen­sions: Two Asana ses­sions per day, chant­i­ng, med­i­ta­tion, receiv­ing treat­ments to resolve phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal bar­ri­ers to your whole being. Sash and San­ti will accom­pa­ny you dur­ing this jour­ney as teach­ers, ther­a­pists, and coach­es. As we always favour qual­i­ty over quan­ti­ty, we lim­it par­tic­i­pa­tion to 12 par­tic­i­pants on a first come first served basis. For more infor­ma­tion, please down­load the infor­ma­tion here: Infor­ma­tion Retreat Ker­ala

  2. Santidas Yoga Teacher Training

    If you would like to deep­en your Yoga prac­tice, delve and begin to mas­ter impor­tant aspects of Yoga from a strong phys­i­cal prac­tice, to guid­ing your ener­gy through breath, pro­found under­stand­ing of the roots and phi­los­o­phy of Yoga, if you seek your Self and the world in which you live in, this Yoga Teacher Train­ing is for you. Shar­ing your high­er ele­vat­ed con­scious­ness and strength will not only trans­form your life but also the lifes of oth­ers, and through that to Glob­al Peace. With Sash Mis­saghi and San­ti (Dr. Antje Her­rberg) who ded­i­cate their life to yog­ic prac­tice, and, who as lead train­ers pro­vide you with  50 years of expe­ri­ence in Yoga prac­tice in India and Europe, 30 years of adult teach­ing expe­ri­ence, you will receive the  VISA to your path­way to per­son­al free­dom and real­i­sa­tion. (more…)

  3. Workshop learn Headstand safely

    Sir­sasana - Head­stand, the king of all Asanas ! This Asana has sub­stan­tial health ben­e­fits, and won­der­ful psy­chic effects, if prac­ticed cor­rect­ly. We love to prac­tice it in our class­es. For those of you who do not yet feel safe in head­stand, or sim­ply want to learn the right and safe way of doing it, this is the right work­shop. We will teach you: 1) the prac­tice of how to get in out out of the head­stand 2) how to pre­pare for head­stand prac­tice 3) what are the exer­cis­es that will help a good head­stand prac­tice 4) what are pos­si­ble vari­a­tions fo this pose? in addtion you will learn 5) how to pre­vent acci­dents 6) how to fall with­out hurt­ing 7) the phys­i­cal effects and also con­tra indi­ca­tions 8) a bit of the­o­ry ? 3 hours of fun and enter­ing into maybe a total­ly new domain in your Yoga prac­tice that you will learn to love ! Sash and San­ti who love this prac­tice will take care of your dur­ing this three hour work­shop. Begin­ners and more advanced wel­come. 30 € per work­shop, reg­is­ter online or in writ­ing info@​santidas.​com