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Yoga can be prac­ticed by any­body, regard­less of age, gen­der or lev­el of fit­ness. It is a ques­tion of your per­son­al com­mit­ment and dis­ci­pline. We prac­tice Yoga in dif­fer­ent ways but all aspects. We so source our teach­ings from our teach­ers and Gurus from the Sivanan­da and Krish­na­machara lin­eage, our own prac­tice and focussed self-study and study of self.

Yoga is the sus­pen­sion of the mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the mind

(Raja Yoga Sutras, 1.2.)

Asana classes at our Studio

We offer sev­er­al lev­el Hatha Yoga class­es prac­tic­ing Asanas (pos­es) in a step-by-step sequen­tial, sta­t­ic way, hold­ing the pos­es and work­ing on align­ment. We also offer more dynam­ic Vinyasa class­es with more rapid tran­si­tions and more gyn­m­nas­ti­cal moves. For light­ness and added flex­i­bil­i­ty in pos­tures we offer Aer­i­al Yoga, and for good align­ment and open­ing we offer Iyengar/chair yoga. Breath­ing, relax­ation and chant­i­ng is an essen­tial aspect of all of our class­es.

  • Aerial Yoga

    Aer­i­al Yoga is prac­ticed in silk like ham­mocks, sus­pend­ed from the air. You will prac­tice Yoga with an added sense of weight­less­ness, improv­ing your flex­i­bil­i­ty with deep­er stretch­es due to the sup­port of the ham­mock, Inver­sions are prac­ticed with­out any stress on our spine or the neck. And you open your heart for nice and deep back­bends sup­port­ed by the ham­mock. Relax­ation is pure bliss as you float soft­ly in the soft tis­sue. We prac­tice in T-shirts cov­er­ing arm pits and with socks for hygiene. You can prac­tice once you are con­firmer ‘fly­er’ - hav­ing par­tic­i­pat­ed on one  Aer­i­al First class for secu­ri­ty. A won­der­ful com­ple­ment to your prac­tice or sim­ply a dif­fer­ent Yoga class to enjoy, build­ing strength, con­fi­dence and over­com­ing fear.

  • Gentle Yoga

    For those with injury, health issues, or lim­it­ed flex­i­bil­i­ty

  • Yoga Level II

    For prac­ti­tion­ers with a min­i­mum of 2 years every­day intense prac­tice, prac­tic­ing some more inter­me­di­ate pos­es. Yoga Teach­ers wel­come, San­ti­das Teacher train­ing trainees need to take these reg­u­lar­ly. They are taught by a Yoga Master/Acharya. Great for those who are seri­ous in their Asana prac­tice.


  • Open Class

    This class is open for all those who have a reg­u­lar yoga prac­tice. Its open as we also intro­duce a few more chal­leng­ing options to Asanas, and we prac­tice also inver­sions. Its a great class to allow you to progress in their Asana prac­tice.

  • Yoga I

    In this class we offer basic Asanas, suit­able for begin­ners as well as the reg­u­lar prac­ti­tion­er.

  • Beginners classes

    Class­es for stu­dents who are begin­ning Yoga or those who enjoy a deep­en­ing of prac­tice of the basic asanas. We per­form the basic pos­tures in order to pre­pare for open and lev­el I class­es. Breath­ing chant­i­ng and deep relax­ation includ­ed.


Other Activities

  • Meditation

    Med­i­ta­tion is at the core of the prac­tice of Yoga. It is to attain the knowl­edge of your Self. It is through its prac­tice that can lib­er­ate your­self from your men­tal attach­ments, trav­el­ling to your divine core, to attain a bliss­ful state of peace.
    Med­i­ta­tion can­not be taught, but we pro­vide sev­er­al guid­ed med­i­ta­tions in our Cen­tre, to assist begin­ners, and to cre­ate joint ener­gy with­in the group, which can be a won­der­ful expe­ri­ence.


    A class where we sit and pro­vide a guid­ed or unguid­ed med­i­ta­tion.

    Deep Relaxation

    Is a class where you learn to let go, come into the present and man­age your stress.

  • Pranayama (Extension of Breath)

    We con­trol our mind through our ener­gy that comes from our breath­ing. Through the prac­tice of pranaya­ma we intend to clean our lungs & cre­ate focus, bal­ance and ener­gy between body and mind.

    Pranayama Relaxation Meditation

    A won­der­ful class to come back to your­self, become focused, relaxed and to rebal­ance your ener­gy lev­els

  • Satsang (the company of the highest truth)

    We reg­u­lar­ly meet as truth seek­ers and con­vene to medi­ate, dis­cuss and explore togeth­er truth. This involves read­ing from the scrip­tures and ques­tions and answers of how to inte­grate the lessons into your dai­ly life.

  • Yoga Retreats

    Sev­er­al times a year we offer spe­cial Yoga retreats in select­ed loca­tions. Every year we trav­el to India, go Yoga sail­ing to Greece, prac­tice inten­sive­ly in Mal­lor­ca, or retreat for our TTC in Italy twice a year, amongst oth­er. The pur­pose of these jour­neys is to allow the indi­vid­ual to recon­nect, find his/her sources, and through the prac­tice of Yoga find enjoy­ment and har­mo­ny. Please check our event page or news page for fur­ther  info and upcom­ing retreat.

  • Teacher training

    For those who would like to take their prac­tice of Yoga fur­ther, we offer a spe­cial teacher train­ing course of 260 hours ded­i­cat­ed to focussed study of Yoga for teach­ing, includ­ing anato­my class­es, the phi­los­o­phy of Yoga, San­skrit, Chant­i­ng, and teach­ing meth­ods. We are begin­ning a new course in Sep­tem­ber 2017. Check out the page on Teacher train­ing.

  • Karma Yoga

    We try to prac­tice our Yoga as serv­ing in all of our dai­ly actions. All of our stu­dents are encour­aged to give with­out expect­ing fruit for their action. You are wel­come to ask whether you want to per­form kar­ma yoga in our stu­dio, in exchange for reduc­tion or free class­es.