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Peace for Body, Mind and Soul


Peace for your Body, Mind and Soul


Peace for your
Body, Mind and Soul


Todays Classes, 28 September 2016

12:30 — 13:30
Open Class
This ses­sion is for every­body who have some expe­ri­ence in yoga and would like to deepen it. 
13:30 — 14:30Iyen­gar Yoga
We use lots of props for all yoga pos­tures. Which allows us to hold the pos­tures longer and cor­rectly for a longer time. For bet­ter under­stand­ing of the pos­tures. In this ses­sion we are con­cen­trated mainly on the pos­ture and its evo­lu­tion due to props. 
Open Class
This ses­sion is for every­body who have some expe­ri­ence in yoga and would like to deepen it. 
Power Yoga
A strong ener­getic Yoga prac­tice for those who want a bit of a work­out, to be able to come back to a peace­ful state of mind. 
Med­i­ta­tion In this ses­sion we expe­ri­ence what is the state of No Mind. As a human being we try whole life to be Some­body. Dur­ing med­i­ta­tion we can expe­ri­ence what is the state of being Nobody. Pure state of Con­scious­ness and some­times we dis­cover Light, Truth, Peace and Love within once the cur­tain (screen of thoughts) fall we encoun­ter the True Self. Let us give a chance to encoun­ter it within. This ses­sion is Free but we accept dona­tion.


You are wel­come in a space of peace for body, mind and soul located in the heart of Brus­sels.

Rue de la Loi 28, 10th floor
1000 Brus­sels

Our teach­ers are pleased to answer your ques­tions 10 min­utes after classes at the stu­dio. If you have a press­ing ques­tion before com­ing to class, or would like to make a longer appoint­ment, drop us a mes­sage or reach us by phone

+32 (0)485 729 779



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