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Peace for Body, Mind and Soul


Peace for your Body, Mind and Soul


Peace for your
Body, Mind and Soul


You are very welcome to join us in our yoga studio located in the heart of Brussels.
Below you find a schedule of our classes given today. Interested? Easily reserve your spot online.
A complete weekly agenda you will find here.


  1. Santidas Yoga Teacher Training

    If you would like to deep­en your Yoga prac­tice, delve and begin to mas­ter impor­tant aspects of Yoga from a strong phys­i­cal prac­tice, to guid­ing your ener­gy through breath, pro­found under­stand­ing of the roots and phi­los­o­phy of Yoga, if you seek your Self and the world in which you live in, this Yoga Teacher Train­ing […]

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  2. Vedic Chanting for Healing with Shantala 21st of May

    Chant­i­ng is one of the most ancient tech­niques of heal­ing by which the body and mind can be syn­chro­nised with nature to reset its har­mony. On the 21st Mai  Shan­ta­la  Sri­ra­ma­iah will guide us into Yog­ic chant­i­ng expe­ri­ence. Sash will open the ses­sion by giv­ing an intro­duc­tion on the effects of Chant­i­ng on the mind and body […]

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  3. Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Mallorca

    Join us from 4th to 10th June for an inti­mate Yoga retreat on the won­der­ful island of Mal­lor­ca. We  will reju­ve­nate both body and mind through the prac­tice of Yoga Asana, breath­ing exer­cise in open space, med­i­ta­tion, relax­ation and restora­tion in nat­u­ral, sea side set­ting, infused with air and sun-light. In this 7 days heal­ing retreats we’d like to offer you:

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  4. Learn Headstand safely

    Sir­sasana - Head­stand, the king of all Asanas ! This Asana has sub­stan­tial health ben­e­fits, and won­der­ful psy­chic effects, if prac­ticed cor­rect­ly. We love to prac­tice it in our class­es. For those of you who do not yet feel safe in head­stand, or sim­ply want to learn the right and safe way of doing it, […]

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  5. Duo Yoga. A Practice for All

    Yoga is One­ness, the reuni­fi­ca­tion of so many dual­i­ties, includ­ing the male and the female energies. When the man and the wom­an prac­tice Duo Yoga, they touch all those ele­ments that con­struct the rela­tion­ship. Check it out: http://​www​.vier​.be/​g​l​a​m​m​e​r​t​i​m​e​/​v​i​d​e​o​s​/​i​k​-​k​a​n​-​m​e​z​e​l​f​-​b​i​j​n​a​-​p​i​j​p​e​n​/​2​1​6​4​761 

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  6. Timetable, workshop dates and Price

    Thats our timetable for Sep­tem­ber ! We are hap­py to offer a vari­ety of class­es and work­shops for our Yogin­is and Yogi to delve deep into all aspects of Yoga. You can book online - or just come to the cen­ter. Have you noticed that:

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Todays Classes, 24 May 2017


Drop In15€/ valid 30 days
Tri­al Pass50€/ 5 ses­sions; valid 21 days (Only for new mem­bers)
5 Pass65€/ 5 ses­sions valid 90 days
10 Pass120€/ 10 ses­sion valid 150 days
Mon­th Pass Unlim­it­ed100€
10 Mon­th Pass Unlim­it­ed850€
6 Mon­th Pass Unlim­it­ed450€
1 Mas­ter Class18€ valid 30 days

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You are wel­come in a space of peace for body, mind and soul locat­ed in the heart of Brus­sels.

Rue de la Loi 28, 10th floor
1000 Brus­sels

Our teach­ers are pleased to answer your ques­tions 10 min­utes after class­es at the stu­dio. If you have a press­ing ques­tion before com­ing to class, or would like to make a longer appoint­ment, drop us a mes­sage or reach us by phone

+32 (0)485 729 779